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The dean of a nearby law school referred Reynolds Law Group to represent a local church who had received a complaint for declaratory judgement and ejectment from its former denomination.

the denomination was suing the church for its property.

            Reynolds Law Group took up the cause of the local church and has represented the church by filing the appropriate responses to the lawsuit and filing a counterclaim on behalf of the church. Most recently, the denomination’s opposition to the counterclaim was dismissed by the court. All along the way, Reynolds Law Group’s attorneys have prayed with and for the members of the church’s board of directors and pastors through the intense legal struggle.

            Recently, at a congregational meeting, a board member referenced Reynolds Law Group’s fair pricing and the incredible competence with which Reynolds Law Group has represented the church.

The issue is far from resolved but Reynolds Law Group is honored to represent this local church in protecting its property rights.

A local doctor contacted Reynolds Law Group with an idea to start mobile clinics throughout the area. Of course, Reynolds Law Group was excited and honored to be a part of turning such a powerful idea into a reality—and making sure the doctors were safeguarded in their efforts to help others.

the client was empowered to fulfill their mission, not practice law.

          Reynolds Law Group filed the necessary paperwork to create a non-stock corporation in the Commonwealth of Virginia and with the Internal Revenue Service, drafted the bylaws for the organization, and assisted the new non-stock corporation in getting started on the right foot.

            Sure, we enjoy going to court to defending a client’s rights in litigation, but we also love seeing dreams like these become a reality.


Not all divorces happen in families. Some happen in partnerships or closely-held corporations. Reynolds Law Group recently helped negotiate a shareholder buy-out and other agreements on behalf of a shareholder client after it was clear the parties could no longer work together.

the client got what they wanted and saved money by avoiding court.

            Reynolds Law Group is always prepared to go to court, but if we can help reach a negotiated settlement that is fair to our client, we’re just as excited for that to happen. In this case, the negotiations looked like they were on the ropes more than once, but due to perseverance, creativity, and a willingness to keep working, the shareholders eventually reached a mutually beneficial agreement. Reynolds Law Group was honored to be a part of that story.

Reynolds Law Group was honored to be a part of that story.


Alexis didn’t know what she was going to do. The owner of the gym where she taught aerobics was going out of business. 

She was going to be out of work—or, so she thought.

         Instead, Alexis decided to start her own business in the space vacated by her former employer.

Reynolds Law Group helped her organize a limited liability company and draft the operating agreement. Then, we helped her negotiate the lease with the landlord, and most recently, helped her obtain the needed copyright and trademarks for her intellectual property.

            Reynolds Law Group can’t wait to see what’s next for Alexis!


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